It’s time to challenge yourself and feel the adrenaline

It’s time to challenge yourself and feel the adrenaline

What’s included:

Passport to Adventure gives you access to 5 extreme sports: Zip-line of 700 & 400 meters, climbing wall, abseiling and the multi-adventure circuit. Also included is a tour of either Arenillas Zoo or the Cacao Route.


Important Information:

Subject to weather conditions, opening hours, signed liability waiver. Available for use between 09:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Price per person. Type of sale: In advance and direct at the hotel.


* Passport to adventure is non transferable.

Arenillas Zoo

Our objective is to be a center for rescued animals who are the product of trafficking and illegal captivity. Our mission is to house them, to rehabilitate them and when they are ready in coordination with the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, to reintroduce them into their natural habitat. You can observe more than 60 species and a total of 400 different birds, mammals and reptiles.
Because at Hillary Resort life grows and grows …


The Cacao Route

Ecuador is considered the best producer of aromatic cacao in the world, we invite you to enjoy our tour of the CACAO ROUTE. Through the plantations of more than 220,000 plants of the CCN51 variety and ending with the artisan preparation of chocolate, where the magic of its aroma will conquer you.



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