Arenillas Zoo is more than just a zoo

Our objective is to be a center for rescued animals who are the product of trafficking and illegal captivity. Our mission is to house them, to rehabilitate them and when they are ready in coordination with the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, to reintroduce them into their natural habitat. You can observe more than 60 species and a total of 400 different birds, mammals and reptiles.
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More than just a zoo …

Map of the Arenillas Zoo

1. Lagoon of the wishes.
2. Reptile House
3. Crocodiles / Alligators.
4. Capybara / Ducks and canclones.

Herbivores of the dry forest:

5. Galapagos tortoises.
6. Sahinos pigs.
7. Deer.
8. Monkeys – Capuchin Spider – Chorongo.
9. Birds of the tropical forest.
10. Ostriches / Emu.

Carnivores of the dry forest:
11. Wild Cats.
12. Raccoon.
13. Cougars
14. Sechuran fox.

Dry forest rodents:
15. Guatusas and guantas.
16. Spectacled bears.
17. Tapir.
18. Ostrich farm.
19. Recreation of the dry forest.


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¿How does your contribution help the Arenillas Zoo?

You will enjoy an incredible guided tour of more than 1 hour and a half where You can observe more than 60 species and a total of 400 different birds, mammals and reptiles. Specially trained staff will teach you about the animals in the zoo.

With your contribution we can give a home to all the animals rescued from trafficking and illegal captivity, provide them with the correct food and
rehabilitate them before they are reintroduced into their natural habitat. We grant free entry to children from disadvantaged schools, so they have the
opportunity to learn and raise awareness about the importance of preserving animals and their ecosystems. Help us to help them!

Tickets for visitors

USD $6.00 * (Adults +12).
USD $3.00 * (Children from 5 to 11)
*Price per person.

Tickets for Guests and Day Use holders

USD $4.00 * (Adults +12).
USD $2.00 * (Children from 5 to 11)
*Price per person.


Visit the Arenillas Zoo website …

For more information,

07 370 0260 | 1800 900 600 ext. 1 / ext. 700
04 603 0989 | 02 333 0952 | Whatsapp 0990107443
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