Travel the world of gastronomy across 5 continents, every month we have a different event to surprise you. Our gastronomic festivals will enchant you, you will remember the beautiful Italy, the historic Spain, the Mexican culture, our traditional Ecuadorian cuisine
and an endless number of other countries

You will be delighted with our speciality buffet in a family environment. You will enjoy live cooking in minimalistic surroundings complimented by panoramic views, where the flowering of the Guayacanes will captivate you.

Characterized by specialty meat dishes, the restaurant includes fine wood finishes and 180 ° views towards the border with Peru. Available for dinner at weekends, for guests staying a minimum of two nights.

Relive an ancient culture, taste the most distinguished flavors of Japanese food, available for guests staying a minimum of two nights.

Come and relax in our cavern with a forest view and enjoy the variety of snacks and drinks on offer.

Located in the VIP area of the resort, you will enjoy a private and personalized service, on comfortable loungers with refreshing cocktails in the middle of nature.

After a rejuvenating massage enjoy healthy refreshments in the cafeteria of our Sama Spa where you can see a beautiful sunset at the end of a relaxing day.

It is located in our main social area with a wide range of snacks and drinks for adults and children.

You do not need to leave the pool for a drink, we are there to serve you. This open bar is located inside the pool, so swim up and enjoy a drink or two.